How Does


Pass Work?

Your business pre-selects the terms of your rewards. Our                       Influencers redeem the reward at your business and then create organic content to motivate their followers to interact with your brand. The process is automated allowing you to focus on your business and watch our creators generate content and traffic.



How Can


Pass Benefit My Business?

  1. Take away the back and forth of negotiating with influencers

  2. Help achieve measurable goals for your business such as sales conversions, brand awareness, and lead generation

  3. Only work with influencers that are genuinely interested in your brand

  4. Massive value for your business vs other forms of marketing 


Cost Analysis  

Onefluent Pass is here to ensure that you are getting the most value for your marketing dollar. Here is how.



Average Post Views

Average Story Views


3.2 Million



Traditional Marketing


Post With 500,000 Impressions

Estimated $8000 USD

Cost of Product / Service

Story With 35,000 Impressions 

Estimated $600 USD

Cost of Product / Service

Onefluent Pass is the best way to upgrade your business.



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